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Due to the nature of service no refund is provided under any circumstances. If you interrupt or stop the service in between for any reason (pregnancy, holidays, functions, illness etc.) no refund may be granted to you. Maximum you can pause the program for 7 days.


Terms of services:

By accepting terms and conditions means you agree, read, and understand the conditions completely without any impairment in the judgement resulting from mental health disorders, medications, or any other health issues which can impaired the judgement.

By visiting, enrolling for the treatment you unconditionally accept to be bound with the terms. You agree that terms and conditions may be amended from time to time without any kind of notice.  Information or suggestion provided by the health care person should be used as a guide rather than a commendation to adept any specific action of the treatment. Handy Health site and professionals who offer services through the site accept no responsibility to any medical conditions, legal or financial events or outcomes related to services attended through the site. As it’s a basic platform to get health information. Age – above 18 years. The information provided on the website or by a professional should not be relied upon as a substitute professional medical advice, care, emergency treatment, medications which are provided from your personal care provider or physician. Nothing on this website should be used for medical treatment, diagnosis, or any kind of medical service replacement. This website is not intended to or implied to be professional medical advice. Before implementing any suggestions, you are recommended to check with your personal healthcare providers or physician. This website is not for any kind of emergency services. you should never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking care for any kind of emergency with your personal physician. This site is not intended to prescribe medicine, diagnosis of a medical conditions, this site is not intended to treat any kind of medical emergency, for these you must contact emergency centres, healthcare providers. The information, mails, chats, posts, images provided on the website or other service pages accounts it does not make any kind of claims, promises or guarantee about the accuracy, sustainability, completeness of any of the information or post. As implementation of any suggestions may vary person to person depending on health conditions, so before implementing any services, suggestions are better to check with personal physicians or your healthcare providers. Access to the site or content may not be legal by a certain person or in certain states of India or any countries. If you access the site from i=outside India, you do so at your own risk, and are responsible for compliance with the law of your jurisdiction. Provisions relating to the liabilities of and its licensors user submission, indemnity, jurisdiction, agreement, services, termination of this terms and use for any reason whatsoever, makes no claims about the contains on the site like graphics, images, post, accounts, suggestions, mail or any other materials is appropriate or may be downloaded in a particular jurisdiction. If you think you may have a medical emergency call your doctor or emergency services. Reliance on any information provided by any professional from the site, employees, others appearing on the site at the invitation of or visitors is solely at your own risk. You are agreeing to not use this site for any kind of advertisement, post, or commercial messages, you will not share any kind of content like harassing, abusing, sexually oriented, threatening or anything illegal. The content is protected by copyright under the law. You expressly acknowledge and agree that the its licensor, suppliers and business partners are not responsible for the results of your decisions resulting from the use of this website or any of its content here in including but not limited to, you’re choosing to seek or not to seek professional medical care or you are choosing or not choosing specific treatment based on the information provided on the site (Including but not limited to Live Chat, Email, Phone). The use of this site and services are entirely at your own risk. This site does not make any warranty like technical, information, suggestion, services, calls, content etc. your use of this site is completely at your sole risk. By using the phones, services, suggestions etc. you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.



The information provided on the site is courtesy of Handy Health. Handy Health collects the data from the various sources, public and private. While we try to provide the most accurate, up to date details possible. We cannot guarantee that our listing is without any error, if you feel if any data is having any kind of error, please feel free to share with us, we will take necessary action immediately for the same. Information is more likely to be for general interest, handy health does not provide warranty of any information or content. We reserved the rights and moderators are authorized to remove any material that has any inappropriate details We will be sending email, will use call options which details provided by you. In case you have given the wrong details handy health will not be responsible for the information loss or privacy loss. Your use of the site, accounts, services, content are subject to the above term & conditions, privacy policy, disclaimer.


Privacy Policy:

At handy health we completely believe in the power of good health information. When a patient and doctor come together, we can learn from each other. Because online details sharing is a new concept. You should be comfortable and confident that you can share securely, for this reason only during the consultation talk we are not forcing to provide personal details , without sharing your identity you can ask your health doubts with us, your identity is protected, your doctor can check your reports, medications, medical conditions which is provided by you, these data will be with you and your doctor only. It will not be shared outside. Our company culture respects the values of privacy and secure sharing.


Our Pledge:

We are here to help you for your better health. We let you decide which information you want to share with us, and will never force your personal identity or data. We are safe and secure as whatever details you will share will be between doctor and patient, it will not share outside. Your identity is not for sale. You can control your personal information.