Handy Health

India is progressing in many fields by leaps and bounds. Healthcare sector is not falling behind as progress has been made in handling non-communicable diseases despite advances in the healthcare sector, India is a diabetes capital in the world with 11.4% population living with diabetes which accounts for 17% of total diabetes patients in the world. India is the third most obese country in the world. Multidisciplinary team approach in the management of chronic disease conditions works well to control the disease.

Why Handy Health?

With 15 years of experience in managing obesity, diabetes, thyroid, hypertension, PCOD, depression, anxiety. Our team Dr Rujuta Dadhaniya – BAMS, METC, clinical & sports nutrition expert. Dr Arpit V. – MBBS, MD focuses on lifestyle modification and capacity building to tackle the problem at grass root level.  Dietary modification, person’s chronic diseases understanding and lifestyle modification are difficult to handle at outpatient department (OPD) due to lack of time. Little dietary modification, personal counselling and holistic assessment of non-communicable disease can work wonder.  Patients are spending their valuable money for the results, but in return they get only frustration. Handy Health is helping those patients who are suffering from obesity or obesity related diseases like diabetes, PCOD, cholesterol, thyroid, hypertension, depression, anxiety etc. with sustainable results.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to help the society specially for obesity and obesity related diseases with scientifically proven complete home based sattvic dietary changes for long lasting sustainable results. Handy Health believes “We are the owner of our precious human body; we only can understand our body’s needs. A third person can guide us but for the meal planning we only can help ourselves.

“We believe in habit development as it stays forever with us. Be open to learn new things, implement the scientifically proven ways to think, eat, drink, sleep, and exercise. Long lasting results will be there on your way.  Join us as a family member, learn and experience the complete holistic health approach without any strict diet conditions. “

– Dr Rujuta & Dr Arpit