In this busy world, it’s difficult to focus on multiple food preparations, food restrictions, calories counting, gym or high intensity workouts. Because of these genuine issues, people often fail to lose that big piece of fat or reverse the chronic disease.

Do you know the reason why we are not getting sustainable results?

As per the human physiology fat control, muscle mass control, organ’s function somehow directly related with metabolism. As per Ayurveda – Serve roga mandagne. – means if your gut /metabolism is not proper you will catch all the lifestyle diseases very easily. Decreasing the intake of a normal routine diet suppresses the metabolism which leads to the storage of extra glucose as fat over the belly area or waist.

To understand this let’s start with an example:

Suppose you are having a car and this car since the last few days has an issue with oil leakage, because of your timing issues you simply ignored the issue and went on with your normal routine. After a few days you noticed the car suddenly stopped in between, along with that you noticed the car average is also gone down, still ignored the issue and went for the fuel, ultimately the car gets damaged and leakage issue also becomes irreversible. Finally, you went for the car service and that mechanic said the oil leakage could not be repaired and the part needs complete replacement.

Exactly the same happens with the human body if you do not repair the leakage, it’s really very difficult to control or reverse the disease or reduce weight. Not treating the leakage means superficial work while targeting the leakage first – root level treatment. For the sustainable results, the right amount of nutrient dense food helps to burn extra fat and along with that food helps to increase metabolism round the clock.

So, if you want your food to work on disease reversal or for weight loss, the first basic thing is to repair the leakage that is resetting the metabolism.

Difference between normal diet plan and metabolism reset plan:

Normal diet planMetabolism reset plan
Calories countingNo calories counting
Food restrictionsNo food restriction but food modification
No for cheat mealsHave meals as per your routine
Low calories foodsNutrients based foods
Weight gain after some timeNo weight gain after reset plan

How does the plan work?

Step 1: Assessment of personal metabolism

Where you need to fill the form about your normal routine diet, age, gender, disease conditions, medications, weight, height, preference, gut health, goals etc.

Step 2: Get a doctor call (Allopathy / Ayurveda experts) to understand your health & metabolism level.

·         Get a 2 days basic plan to follow.

Step 3: Flexible Diet Plan:

·         On the 3rd day you will get a customized plan with training

·         This plan is specially tailored to overcome your specific health challenges and reset the metabolism.

·         No matter if you are having frequent travelling, busy routine, no workout time, no gym etc. plan works well as per your normal routine.

Step 4: Progress tracking:

·         To check the progress 1:1 weekly doctor consultation with Allopathy or Ayurveda experts.

·         Guidance on medications / lab reports etc.

Step 5: Diet consultation:

Step 6: Support:

·         24/7 support over the chat window

·         24/7 Emergency call support

·         Weekly once doctor consultation

·         Diet explanation and follow up support.

·         To start the resetting of your metabolism and transform your journey with sustainable results and home-based food guidance with Allopathy and Ayurveda doctor support you can send a consultation request over the Call / WhatsApp / Mail.

Contact us for the metabolism assessment form and doctor consultation.

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