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We, HANDY HEALTH, are a team with a burning desire to provide a platform driven by technology to bring all the health care needs to bring under one roof. We provide our services through Handy Health website, handy health mobile app, and we also provide services via, toll free number 1800 258 77 55. We are always ready to serve people 24/7 365 days. We do this free of cost for you.

We bring blood donors and blood seekers to one platform where we help in identifying the blood donor for you in your area; in addition we also want to bring awareness on THALASSEMIA, which is a blood disorder. Thalassemia patients need blood for every 15 days or 1 month depending upon their situation. We aim to help Thalassemia Patients in their battle for life with your help.

We create blood donors group in such a way that each Thalassemia patient must be adopted by 10 volunteers for a year. By doing so, we can completely eliminate the deaths caused due to THALASSEMIA. Alone we might not make a difference but together we can entirely change the intensity of a deadly disease to a nominal level and can increase the life expectancy of THALASSEMIA patients.

 Besides we also have a team of qualified doctors to provide the following services.

Want a doctor's appointment…..?

You can fix a doctor appointment from your home, without visiting hospital and standing in queue, at your finger tips.

Want a doctor to visit you at your home…..?

Our app is there with you.. You can request a doctor to visit you at your home.

Want nursing care at home…..?

Yes you can also recruit qualified nurses to serve in your home through our app.

Do you know where certified diagnostic labs are…..? Do you know where the costs of tests are low…..?

Don’t worry.. We are with you.. You can find all certified labs and diagnostic centers near you.. Also you can compare costs for each test with other labs.




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